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Hydraulic Power Rack & Pinion (Complete) - CARDONE Reman

Part Number: 22-3062
  • 100% computerized hydraulic testing for proper flow, leakage and performance ensures perfect fit and function.
  • 100% new o-rings and lip seals ensure no leaking and long-lasting performance.
  • All new spool valve seals and rack donut seals are installed to eliminate internal leaks and ensure reliable performance.
  • Racks are surfaced to precise specifications to prevent leaking between chambers and extend unit life.
  • To avoid damaging the unit during installation, watch this rack & pinion installation tech tip video.
  • Rack & Pinion Warranty Period: 3-year / 36,000 miles
  • A warranty must be returned to the parts supplier where the CARDONE product was purchased and is subject to that part store's terms & conditions.
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Installation Instructions

Before You Install

  • To ensure a successful installation, watch this rack & pinion installation tech tip video.
  • When replacing a rack & pinion, the steering system fluid MUST be flushed & replaced with O.E. recommended fluid to ensure proper steering performance. Not all fluids are created equal, so check out this list of 3rd party tested and recommended power steering fluids.
  • Not sure if the steering system really needs a flush? Check out this short Steering Contamination Test Video.
  • Power Steering hoses should be replaced on vehicles over 5 years old or with high mileage to prevent contaminants from old, worn hoses from entering the system and causing premature steering failure. An inline filter is also recommended for additional product life — see why in this Magna-Pure In-line Filter Video.

Vehicles This Part Fits

Make Model Year
Jeep Trucks Commander 2010-2006
Application Data:
Jeep Trucks Grand Cherokee 2010-2008
Application Data:
Jeep Trucks Grand Cherokee 2007-2007
Application Data:
Sales Codes are found on the "Body Code" plate located on the left front side shield, wheel housing, or the upper radiator support of your vehicle
w/Performance Steering (SBX)