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Vacuum Booster w/o Master Cylinder - CARDONE Reman

Part Number: 54-74525
2 Door
  • 100% O.E. quality seals, diaphragms and check valves are installed on every unit for like-new performance and reliability.
  • All units are 100% vacuum tested to ensure reliable performance.
  • Exclusive rust-prohibitive finishing process extends unit life.
  • Master cylinder output rods are pre-adjusted (when included) for easier and faster installation.
  • New mounting nuts and washers ensure proper, hassle-free installation.
  • 1-year / 18,000 mile warranty
  • A warranty must be returned to the parts supplier where the CARDONE product was purchased and is subject to that part store's terms & conditions.
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Installation Instructions

Before You Install

  • To ensure proper brake system performance, it is advised that brake fluid and hoses be inspected every 10,000 - 15,000 miles. Fluid replacement is recommended every 2 years.

Vehicles This Part Fits

Make Model Year
Asuna Trucks (Canada) Sunrunner 1995-1992
Application Data:
Chevrolet Trucks Tracker 1998-1998
Application Data:
w/Single Diaphragm Booster
Chevrolet Trucks Tracker 1992-1991
Application Data:
Geo Trucks Tracker 1997-1996
Application Data:
2 Door and w/o ABS
Geo Trucks Tracker 1995-1991
Application Data:
GMC Trucks Tracker (Canada) 1992-1991
Application Data:
Pontiac Trucks Sunrunner (Canada) 1997-1996
Application Data:
w/o ABS
Pontiac Trucks Sunrunner (Canada) 1995-1994
Application Data:
Suzuki Trucks Sidekick 1998-1996
Application Data:
2 Door and w/o ABS
Suzuki Trucks Sidekick 1995-1991
Application Data:
2 Door