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FLASH2 All-Makes Reprogrammer

Why Buy CARDONE’s FLASH2 All-Makes Reprogrammer?

Just ask our customers!

"CARDONE's FLASH2 All-Makes Reprogrammer tool is a great, easy opportunity for anyone to increase their bottom line… It is possible to do as many as six to seven units a day and more! We've literally done hundreds of FLASH events and quickly paid off our initial investment of purchasing the tool.”

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Your answer for reprogramming

CARDONE's FLASH All-Makes Reprogrammer is your answer for reprogramming OBDI and OBDII GM ECUs, as well as OBDII Ford, Chrysler, Saturn, Toyota/Scion, Honda/Acura and Mazda ECUs. Since the reprogrammer is J2534 compliant, it is capable of reprogramming all vehicles makes as OEMs release their data, and validation is completed. 

Currently, we are developing a new and improved device, the FLASH3 All-Makes Reprogrammer, that will be available later in 2019. Stay tuned for more details!

Coming soon in 2019! Our FLASH3 Reprogrammer 

Here are some of the features and benefits you can look forward to:


  • OBDII to laptop communication using OBDII/Serial cable
  • Adapter to PC validation software
  • High Speed USB to CAN interface connectivity
  • GM Tech2Win Compatible
  • GM GDS2 Compatible
  • Includes DG Diagnostics OBDII
  • Includes DG Update software


  • Provides advanced dealership diagnostics w/OEM software
  • Technitions kit for J2534 module programming
  • Complete diagnositc functionality
  • Freeze frame,data monitoring & data logging
  • Read/Clear Codes
  • Key Programming*
  • Immobilizer Adaption*
  • Complete J2534-1 compliance w/ J2534-2 support

Already have a Flash2? Here's an Update!

The newest firmware and software update for the Cardone Flash2 Reprogrammer eliminates the need to use the Flash2 Console. The Flash2 Console will be deleted from your desktop and replaced with a link to a list of OEM Service websites, located in the start menu folder Flash2 Tool. After updating the firmware, Flash2 units will be able to be used with every manufactures software program. You will also have access to DG Assist and Free DG Diagnostic software.

To get the latest update follow this link:

Additional Information

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