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Reman Climate Control Modules

Climate Control Modules

Restore aesthetics and functionality!

One obvious indicator of a vehicle’s age is the condition of the Climate Control Module. Lenses often break or get scratched, bulbs burn out, internal electronics and display segments fail, control knobs break off, and paint and indicator stickers fade. All of these symptoms make reading the controls difficult and changing settings impossible. A1 CARDONE Remanufactured Climate Control Modules are direct-fit, OE-matching units with restored functionality and dashboard aesthetics..

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  • 100% functional testing performed to deliver guaranteed performance and reliability.
  • 100% of the backlight bulbs are replaced to ensure long-lasting guage illumination.
  • Electronic repair components are upgraded to meet or exceed O.E. design.
  • Plug and play installation with no programming required.
  • Unit face is restored to O.E. appearance and functionality.

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