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Time for Window Lift Motor Repair?

by User Not Found | May 31, 2013

We mentioned in our last blog post that summer will be here soon (Friday, June 21st to be exact). In that post, we touched on the importance of keeping your engine comfortable by maintaining your cooling system. But what about you, the passenger? Is your vehicle prepared to keep you comfortable? When you jump into your vehicle after it's been baking in the sun all afternoon you want to be able to drop the windows to cool off, right? What if your windows didn't go down or went down very slowly? Yikes, I can feel the sweat forming now! 

If you run into window problems this summer, this video from APDTY might interest you. This 2-part detailed video shows you how to replace a Window Lift Motor on a Nissan Titan truck. What window lift motor are they using? You got it, A1 CARDONE!



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  6. LIONEL | Apr 24, 2017
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  7. Lewis Owen | Apr 24, 2017
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  9. redfr | Jan 17, 2017
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  10. Rachel Bilson | Jan 11, 2017
    Good Timing! I was having trouble with my car window last night I left the glass open in this cold weather because it won’t closes properly may be motors inside burned to ashes anyhow and could power up the system. I was luckily able to find a topic and fixed it with the references given to easily overcome the problem.
  11. WILLAIM | Nov 25, 2016
    Your article is extremely helpful
  12. Edna Baron | Oct 08, 2016

    Proper functioning cooling system is very essential for maintaining the engine. Comfortable engine is the primary concern here. The importance of comfortable engine is the main discussion topic here. 

  13. Julie Soe | Oct 03, 2016
    Now if it’s deliberate on the way down, go back to thoughts it’s the window controller, because a controller emotionally involved to a motor will whizz down whether it’s excellent or almost worn out.
  14. Mogambo | Sep 22, 2016

    the window motor is a sealed system, it does not receive any scheduled maintenance. When it fails, replacement is the only option.


  15. Jennifer | Aug 05, 2016
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  16. judee | Aug 01, 2016
    Yesterday i saw my power window will not working properly discovered the machine is terrible and needs supplanted on the force window framework on front driver's side. thinking about the amount it would cost to repair, if i give the part. What amount would it expense to repair an engine in the force window framework on drivers side?
  17. sara shaikh | Jul 14, 2016
    what is the voltage of the engine? does the fan turn unreservedly without the belt? does the engine shaft turn openly? on the off chance that there is a predicament in the engine then that might be what is keeping it from picking up energy. attempt to run the engine without the belt, you may simply require another engine. Alter: if the engine runs unreservedly when detached than ensure nothing is official up the fan... attempt some WD40 until the fan turns easily... on the off chance that that doesn't work than you most likely need another engine. The commutators, brushes and springs the others are discussing are for the most part found on DC engines. you have an AC engine.
  18. james | Jul 12, 2016
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