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Reman the Ultimate in Recycling

by User Not Found | Dec 20, 2013

I think we can all agree that it’s important to take good care of our planet. Planting a tree, installing solar panels or considering alternative fuel vehicles are all important steps towards a cleaner, greener Earth.  So you might be asking, “What does that have to do with auto parts?”

Our A1 CARDONE reman parts begin their journey at CARDONE as cores. Cores are parts that have been removed from a vehicle that are worn and in need of repair. Each core is disassembled, carefully cleaned, worn components are replaced and then the part is thoroughly inspected to ensure it performs like new or even better than it did originally. Not only does the process of remanufacturing auto parts save the customer money (up to 40% over new), it is even better for the environment than traditional recycling. Reman products use up to 85% less energy and raw materials required to build a new unit. That equates to greenhouse gas savings of up to 25lbs. per unit.

At CARDONE we’re proud to do our part for the planet. We take a worn part destined for the scrap heap, make it like new and put it back on the road where it can help someone get to work, drop their kids off at school or deliver your mail. Now that is recycling!


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    I think we can all concur that it's imperative to take great care of our planet. Planting a tree, introducing sun based boards or considering elective fuel vehicles are extremely critical strides towards a cleaner, greener Earth. 


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  20. Mike Jobe | Mar 10, 2016

    Every year since 1967, I have recycled electronic and mechanical components from a variety of discarded equipment, both consumer, industrial and military. LOng before the EPA even existed! The current 'throw away" society of today is hellbent on discarding consumer electronics, But as a electronic technician, I have found in many instances that service information and circuit diagrams simply don't exist for repairing consumer electronics that are only a few years old., consequently there is little choice for the consumer other than to throw away their electronic devices. Manufactuers here in the USA have often thwarted efforts to repair their products by causing a undue hardship on the technician who is trying to locate service info.  They claim all kinds of hidden part numbers, grind off part numbers or coat the circuit boards to make them impossible to repair. UNtil the world wakes up and realizes that we all will suffer for this degenerative attitude, we will all be doomed.

    Mike Jobe

    Jobe Electronix

    Marion,IL USA

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