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CARDONE Helps Wounded Warriors

by User Not Found | Feb 06, 2015

The holidays are a great time to show those around us that we care for and appreciate all the things they’ve done for us in the past year. This year CARDONE chose to make a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project to help meet the need of some injured service members in honor and appreciation of their amazing customers.

Almost everyone has either served themselves or knows someone who has served in our armed forces and can recognize the sacrifice that is involved. Some give the ultimate sacrifice, while others come home with serious physical or emotional injuries. The Wounded Warrior Project’s mission is “To Honor and empower Wounded Warriors” and CARDONE is proud to help support this mission.

Wounded Warriors Image: Denis Spizuoco (middle) from Wounded Warrior Project thanks George Zauflik, Sr. VP of Compliance and Government Relations (right), and Cory Lippert, Marketing Coordinator (left)



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  1. Seo Company | Jan 27, 2017
    CARDONE Helps Wounded Warriors  nice post thanks for the share
  2. John Noels | Oct 07, 2016

    Hats Off! Such a great step taken by CARDONE. Everyone has to respect these warriors who sacrifies their lives for the success of a mission. We have to honor and empower the wounded warriors. Thank You.


  3. Charlie | Mar 28, 2016
    I hope that your donation was to the PA Wounded Warrioirs, not the regular Wounded Warrior Project. Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, Inc. is an independent ALL VOLUNTEER Pennsylvania Non-Profit Corporation that has 501(c)(3) charitable status from the Internal Revenue Service. We offer Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, their families, or Pennsylvania veterans with medical emergencies in their families financial assistance. The Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, Inc. works in conjunction with Veterans Affairs all over the state to help veterans in need. They want people to know they are a completely separate charity from the Wounded Warrior Project.

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