CARDONE's Formula Combines Family Tradition, Quality and Experience for Over 44 Years of Success

Humble Beginnings

CARDONE Industries was co- founded by Michael Cardone, Sr. and son, Michael Cardone, Jr., in a small row house in North Philadelphia. The year was 1970, and their niche was remanufacturing a single product line; windshield wiper motors. Over the years, the company has grown, now offering over 80 product lines and 46,000 SKUs of automotive hard parts.

"Our aggressive growth plan has taken us a long way from that row house in North Philadelphia," said Michael Cardone, Jr. "But our culture still reflects that small business, familial mentality that was imprinted on the company at its inception. Our people – our “factory family”– are revered as CARDONE's most valuable asset."

A Growing Company

Since its beginning over 44 years ago, CARDONE has grown from six employees into the largest privately-held automotive parts remanufacturer in the world. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, CARDONE now employs over 6,000 employees with additional facilities in California, Texas, Mexico and Canada.

A Family Operated Company

Now in its third generation, CARDONE is positioned to take on the future. Raised in the traditions of his father and grandfather, Michael Cardone III serves as President. "I have learned the company from the inside out," said Cardone, III. "We've built a wonderful family and a wonderful corporation. I grew up here, and I intend to carry the CARDONE tradition into the ever-evolving future."


Michael Cardone Sr. was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in 1994, for his pioneering excellence in remanufacturing. He joined other industry leaders such as Lee Lacocca, Carl Benz and Eiji Toyota.