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Check out CARDONE's latest new products, which offer a high-quality, affordable alternative for high-demand replacement parts in the automotive aftermarket.


Remanufactured Products

Instrument Clusters

Performance you can count on!

A1 CARDONE Remanufactured Instrument Clusters are engineered to the highest quality standards. Many components are 100% replaced, while critical items are tested for accurate calibration. Units come preprogrammed with VIN, mileage and engine hours, if applicable, to minimize downtime and get the vehicle back on the road.

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Drive Axle Assemblies

Don't rebuild it - replace it!

A1 CARDONE Drive Axle Assemblies are remanufactured using the most stringent quality processes to deliver smooth, consistent performance in any driving condition. Each unit comes installation-ready, saving precious labor time while providing peace of mind. In an industry where time is such a valuable commodity, CARDONE strives to help make sure your time is spent wisely.

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Air Suspension Conversion Kits

A reliable alternative to standard air suspension.

Modern air suspension systems rely on air compressors, struts and springs all working in harmony to balance the vehicle and absorb shocks. When everything is functioning properly, the systems works well. However, repairs can be expensive when a component fails. The A1 CARDONE Air Suspension Conversion Kit is a cost-effective alternative that converts troublesome air suspension applications to a more reliable coil spring solution.

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Electronic Parking Brake Motors

No need to replace the whole caliper assembly!

When an electronic brake fails, there are two possible culprits – the caliper and the electronic parking brake motor. The O.E. dealer wants to sell you the whole unit, but why pay for both if you only need the motor? A1 CARDONE Electronic Parking Brake Motors, supplied with new mounting hardware, are an exclusive O.E. alternative at a fraction of the cost.

Find Your VW/Audi Application » electronic parking brake motor-first-read

High Intensity Discharge (HID) Ballasts

A high-quality affordable alternative to O.E.!

High intensity discharge headlights are the new standard in the automotive industry, primarily due to improved light output and longer life-span compared to halogen setups. Because of the HID ballast location, these units are susceptible to corrosion from weather and damage from front-end collisions. CARDONE HID Ballasts offer a high-quality, low-cost alternative to the expensive O.E. dealer.

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Performance Brake Upgrade Kits

The perfect blend of high quality & great looks!

CARDONE Performance Brake Kits offer today's discerning driver an economic way to customize the look of their vehicle while delivering improved stopping performance.

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Hybrid Inverters

The perfect blend of high quality & a great price!

Hybrid Inverters are a critical component in hybrid battery systems. They step up the voltage required to power electric drive motors and step down the voltage needed for conventional 12-volt systems such as interior lighting. These units typically fail due to overheating and electrical faults. CARDONE Hybrid Inverters provide long-lasting durability at a considerably discounted cost.

2004-09 Toyota Prius » hybrid-inverters-first-read

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs)

A high-quality, affordable alternative to O.E!

Advanced exhaust systems on diesel vehicles play an integral role in reducing emissions to an environmentally friendly level. Diesel Particulate Filters are responsible for removing soot from the exhaust stream. Historically, when a DPF failed, the only option was to purchase an expensive, brand new unit. A1 CARDONE Remanufactured Diesel Particulate Filters provide an affordable alternative at 20% lower cost than O.E.

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Air Suspension Compressors

Air Dryer included at no extra cost!

Our remanufactured Air Suspension Compressors return comfort to your vehicle at a significantly lower price than you'll find anywhere else. In addition, extensive performance testing, including inflation time, electrical current and solenoid operation is completed on every unit so you can take comfort in both your vehicle's handling and reliability.

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Air Suspension Springs/Struts

Your Alternative to the O.E. Dealer!

Our new Air Suspension Springs/Struts cover the most failure-prone applications on the road at a cost that won't leave you stranded. Plus, extensive rubber and performance tests ensure these units are strong enough to withstand harsh temperatures and road conditions facing drivers today.

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Brand-NEW Products

100% NEW Aluminum Brake Drums

More stopping power than O.E.!

CARDONE Select 100% Brand-New Aluminum Brake Drums are designed to outperform traditional O.E. cast iron brake drums. Since aluminum is a lighter material than cast iron, these brake drums provide better fuel economy, as well as shorter stopping distances. With a limited lifetime warranty, CARDONE Select Aluminum Brake Drums guarantee reliable performance for years to come.

Find Your Application » aluminum brake drum-first-read

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Solenoids

100% Brand-New Units!

Variable Valve Timing Solenoids (VVTs) play an integral role in meeting future government fuel economy requirements, as they are designed to enhance engine performance and improve fuel economy. CARDONE Select NEW VVTs are 100% tested to guarantee reliable performance at a competitive price.

View Features & Benefits Video » vvt-first-read

Auxiliary Coolant Pumps

A high-quality, affordable alternative to O.E!

CARDONE Select Auxiliary Coolant Pumps (ACPs) are brand new units featuring upgraded components over the O.E. hardware. All units undergo rigorous testing under varied conditions to test real world reliability. Mounting brackets and additional hardware is also included where necessary. With a limited lifetime warranty, CARDONE Select ACPs will guarantee reliable performance for years to come.

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Tools and Accessories

Hydraulic Transfer Tubing Assemblies

The perfect companion to a rack & pinion install.

A worn hydraulic line is often the culprit for a failed rack & pinion. When replacing a rack, be sure to check connected components to ensure the entire problem is fixed. CARDONE Service Plus Rack & Pinion Hydraulic Transfer Tubing Assemblies are 100% new and contain all the components needed for trouble-free installation.

Find your application >>hydraulic-transfer-tubing-first-read

Power Steering Reservoirs

100% testing ensures leak-free performance

Import Power Steering Pumps are often misdiagnosed as the culprit for noise or lack of pressure, when the actual cause is a clogged remote reservoir. Our new reservoirs offer installers a stand-alone replacement solution or complement a power steering pump replacement. Each unit strictly follows the O.E. design, includes a reservoir cap and is 100% tested to ensure proper fit and function.

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