Reman Power Steering Pumps

Prevent Power Steering Failure!

It will save your time and money!

The 3F's will help you prevent steering system contamination, the #1 cause of steering component failure!

See why today's power steering pumps need so much more TLC than pumps from 20 years ago. Here we recommend best practices to flush and filter your steering system. Check out our tried-and-true list of reliable power steering fluid brands and O.E. recommended fluid types!

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  • All critical components (campacs, spool valves, etc.) are triple-tested to ensure product reliability.
  • All units are built with 100% new O-rings and premium-grade Viton® seals to prevent leaks. Viton® does not break down at high temperatures like conventional seal material.
  • Every pump is computer tested to measure pressure, bypass, fluid flow, valve operation, steering effort and noise for guaranteed performance.
  • Shafts are surfaced to precise specifications to eliminate premature seal wear and extend pump life.
  • Units are supplied with 100% tested and calibrated pressure relief valves for guaranteed performance.

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