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CARDONE, Poised for Its Next 50 Years, Elects Board of Advisors

CARDONE, Poised for Its Next 50 Years, Elects Board of Advisors

PHILADELPHIA, PA (March 9, 2020) -- CARDONE Industries recently reached its 50-year milestone and plans to expand its tradition of innovation, re-engineering and sustainable business practices into the next generation. CARDONE was co-founded in 1970 by industry pioneer, Michael Cardone Sr., and his son, Michael Cardone Jr., from the simple idea of remanufacturing windshield wiper motors. The company grew to become one of the largest remanufacturers of automotive parts in North America and introduced a sustainable manufacturing process that was years ahead of its time.

With industry veteran, Mike Carr, now at the helm as CEO, CARDONE enters 2020 with a re-engineered executive leadership team made up of seasoned CARDONE professionals and a few new hired elites from within the industry.

To bolster this team’s efforts, the company recently formed a new Board of Advisors, which includes Dan Langdon, an industry veteran and former CEO of East Penn, a top automotive manufacturer; Mark Blinn, a board member of Texas Instruments and former CEO of Flowserve; and Benjamin Duster, who has held top executive positions across several industries including healthcare and finance. Also serving on the board are Pierre McNeil and David Levenson, who are part of the leadership team of CARDONE’s new owner,  Brookfield Asset Management.

The board’s inaugural meeting took place on February 11th and will reconvene on a quarterly basis to monitor performance and consult with CARDONE’s executive team.

“Each team member brings valuable skills, experience and insight that will broaden our perspective and advance our strategic plan as we launch into CARDONE’s next 50 years of industry leadership,” said Mike Carr, CARDONE’s Chief Executive Officer. “CARDONE’s entrepreneurial roots, sustainable mission and re-engineered leadership team are the ingredients that will propel the company forward and continue our tradition of helping our customers win.”


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