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Brake Caliper

CARDONE: The Brake Caliper Brand You Can Trust

CARDONE has been remanufacturing calipers since the 1970's, so you can be assured that our tried-and-true manufacturing process has been honed to a science. Our Remanufactured and New calipers meet or exceed OEM performance and allow for quick and easy installation, because all the installation hardware you need is in the box. For an added premium, CARDONE Ultra calipers are coated with a sleek silver weather-proof coating that will look like new for many miles to come.

CARDONE's powder coating provides superior brake caliper rust protection

CARDONE is the aftermarket leader in reman calipers — and has been for decades. From our traditional CARDONE calipers to our sleek, ULTRA silver calipers, our entire remanufactured lineup offers superior performance, longevity and peace-of-mind in any weather — even sub-zero temperatures!

  • Premium powder coating protects against corrosion better than any other coating on the market.
  • All calipers receive brand-new seals, boots, banjo bolts, washers and bleeder valves, where applicable, that match O.E. materials for reliable performance.
  • 100% end-of-line testing validates seal integrity prior to packaging.
  • Installation hardware & mounting bracket is included where applicable for a hassle-free installation.
CARDONE's reman calipers are the brand you can trust
Brand-New Calipers Now Available!

For customers who prefer new parts, CARDONE New Brake Calipers are manufactured using the most stringent quality processes to deliver smooth, consistent performance in any driving condition. As a direct-fit component, our new zinc-coated calipers provide hassle-free installation and long-term reliability.

CARDONE's new brake calipers
Eliminate Rust with CARDONE Ultra Premium Calipers
Use CARDONE Ultra Premium Calipers to Match the Look of High-End, Open-Wheel Designs
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