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Parking Brake Actuator

No Need to Replace the Whole Caliper Assembly!

Advancements in automotive technology provide greater functionality and expanded features but also can create new failure modes in certain systems. Electronic parking brakes are an example of a new application that can cause problems. These newer parking brakes feature push button activation versus the traditional pedal and lever arm style found on older vehicles. While ease of use in engaging the parking brake is increased, so is the likelihood of failure by adding the electronic motor to the system. Now when an electronic brake fails, there are two possible culprits - the caliper and the electronic parking brake motor. The O.E. dealer wants to sell you the whole unit, but why pay for both if you only need the motor?

CARDONE has you covered with our CARDONE Electronic Parking Brake Motors. Supplied with new hardware to properly mount to the caliper, these premium motors are an exclusive O.E. alternative at a fraction of the cost.

  • Plug connector and housing material meet or exceed OE specifications
  • Ultrasonic sealed unit prolongs the life of internal components
  • Universal fit for left or right side applications
  • Installation kit included
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