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We build it better. This brand promise extends to our products, our people, our workplace and the way we do business. We build quality that is driven by our unrelenting pursuit of “better”. We don’t simply build parts; we re-imagine, re-engineer and retool them, resulting in better performance. Generations of experience have shown us why original parts and processes fail.

Our remanufacturing process is built on over 50 years of reverse-engineering experience, where we pinpoint why original parts fail so we can improve the designs and build longer-lasting products. Remanufacturing is more than refurbishing or replacing a few failed springs. In fact, it’s a craft that follows a rigorous, 5-step process.

  1. Auto shops send us parts that aren’t performing.
  2. We completely disassemble the cores sent to us.
  3. We thoroughly clean and inspect every component.
  4. We rebuild the part, strengthening common wear areas and improving the part’s design to prevent future failures.
  5. We rigorously test the parts to make sure they’re ready for the road ahead.

The remanufacturing industry is sustainable from beginning to end, because we reuse original equipment parts, otherwise known as “cores” and give them new life rather than throwing them in the trash."

MERA Manufactured Again Certified
CARDONE Reman - We Build It Better