CARDONE Launches into Heavy Duty Market

CARDONE Industries has announced its newest product line of brake solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of the Heavy Duty aftermarket. Launching in 2019, CARDONE will unveil a complete heavy duty brake program that includes air disc calipers, brake pads, rotors and other accessories. The full line program was designed to provide customers all the components needed to replace the entire brake system for the rapidly growing market of class 7 and 8 vehicles such as trucks, tractors, trailers, school buses, transit buses and motor coaches.

“The air disc caliper market is poised to double in size in the coming year and CARDONE is going head-first into the Heavy Duty market by rolling out a complete brake program tailored for heavy duty customers,” said Joe Camacho, Innovation Product Manager, CARDONE. “This line-up of custom solutions is designed to support heavy duty technicians with the entire brake job, start to finish.”

All parts are engineered, and 100-percent tested to meet or exceed O.E. performance while saving customers an average of 15-20%. One key component to the heavy duty brake program is CARDONE’s patented guide pin grease kit. When used, the pin grease kit can extend the life of the caliper, which reduces maintenance costs. Additionally, the grease can withstand temperatures of 1000 degrees while O.E. grease typically can only withstand up to 500 degrees. CARDONE’s grease was designed to provide additional protection since the lower temperature threshold of O.E. grease often leads to premature taring and, eventually, caliper seizure.

“For heavy duty operators, maintenance of any kind is more than an inconvenience, it’s a revenue killer,” said Camacho. “We engineered this heavy duty brake program to help technicians keep heavy duty vehicles running in a timely and affordable manner.”

The CARDONE Heavy Duty Brake Program includes:

  • Heavy Duty Air Disc Calipers
  • Heavy Duty Brake Pads
  • Heavy Duty Rotors
  • Hardware Kits
  • Patented Guide Pin Grease Kit

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