Hybrid Inverter

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  • Part Type: Hybrid Inverter
  • Product Condition: Reman
  • Product Line: Drive Motor Inverter
CARDONE Drive Motor Inverters perform critical functions for hybrid and electric vehicle powertrains. An inverter is responsible for transforming the high-voltage battery’s direct current (DC) voltage into alternating current (AC) voltage that is used by the drive motor to propel the vehicle. During regenerative braking, inverters perform the opposite task: rectifying AC voltage from the generator into DC voltage to recharge the battery. Some drive motor inverters, known as converter inverters, also provide a “stepped-down” voltage to recharge the auxiliary 12V lead-acid battery and power electrical systems. CARDONE has been an aftermarket pioneer in electrical products since we first opened our doors in 1970. As the surge of new hybrid and full electric powertrains begins to gain momentum, CARDONE is already out in front with our ReCharged line of products specifically tailored to meet the demands of this rapidly expanding category.
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Hybrid Inverter
Male/Blade (17 Terminals)
49 lbs