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Drive Motor Battery Pack

The Highest Quality Reman Battery in the Aftermarket!

Drive Motor Battery Packs, often referred to as High-Voltage Batteries or Hybrid Batteries, are used in Hybrid Electric (HEV), Plug-In Hybrid Electric (PHEV) and Electric (EV) vehicles to power the propulsion electric motors. Like all batteries, over time, the Drive Motor Battery pack eventually loses the ability to hold a charge or has an internal failure.

CARDONE’s Drive Motor Battery Packs and components are remanufactured using the best available components and strictest testing requirements to get your hybrid or electric vehicle back on the road at a fraction of the O.E. replacement cost.

CARDONE Hybrid Drive Motor Battery Cutaway
Available in Two Configurations
  • New Cell: The battery pack has been upgraded with NEW battery cells that provide equal or higher capacity than OEM.
  • Renewal Cell: Each battery module is thoroughly validated through more than 20 hours of advanced testing protocols prior to acceptance for use in a remanufactured battery pack.
CARDONE Remanufactured Hybrid Drive Batteries Are Built Right
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