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Instrument Cluster

Instrument Clusters: Performance You Can Count On!

CARDONE leverages extensive experience with many of the most critical automotive electronics systems to expertly re-engineer instrument clusters to the highest quality standards. Critical components are 100% replaced and tested for accurate calibration and reliable performance. A showroom-new look is achieved by restoring or replacing lens assemblies with new polycarbonate. Every unit comes preprogrammed with VIN, mileage and engine hours, if applicable, to minimize downtime and get the vehicle back on the road quickly.

  • Lens assemblies are restored to like-new quality or replaced with new polycarbonate material to improve visibility and provide that showroom look to the dashboard
  • Halogen bulbs are 100% replaced, while LED bulbs are tested and replaced as needed to maintain proper function of the warning light system
  • All gear-driven stepper motors are replaced with upgraded units to ensure long life
  • Gauge needles are calibrated for proper operation
  • Segments or display panels are validated and tested to ensure proper function
Minimize Downtime and Get Back on the Road with CARDONE Remanufactured Instrument Clusters
The Basics of Instrument Panel Warning lights
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