Flash Reprogramming

CARDONE's FLASH All-Makes Reprogrammimg Service is your answer for reprogramming OBDI and OBDII GM ECUs, as well as OBDII Ford, Chrysler, Saturn, Toyota/Scion, Honda/Acura and Mazda ECUs. If you need your ECM reprogrammed, inquire at your local parts supplier about using our reprogramming service. Or, check with your local service shop, as they may also provide this service.

What is FLASH Reprogramming?

Just like your home computer needs software upgrades from time to time, so does the computer on your vehicle. A FLASH Reprogrammer is a conduit for uploading software upgrades from the OE dealer to your vehicle. After a FLASH upgrade, you will notice improved drivability and possibly even better gas mileage.


CARDONE's Flash2 Software Update

While we no longer sell a FLASH Reprogramming tool, there is an update for those who already use our FLASHReprogrammer.

The newest firmware and software update for the Cardone Flash2 Reprogrammer eliminates the need to use the Flash2 Console. The Flash2 Console will be deleted from your desktop and replaced with a link to a list of OEM Service websites, located in the start menu folder Flash2 Tool. After updating the firmware,  Flash2 units will be able to be used with every manufactures software program.  You will also have access to DG Assist and Free DG Diagnostic software.

To get the latest update follow this link: