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Accelerator Pedal Sensor

Save Money by Replacing Just the Sensor

Many suppliers only offer expensive full assemblies when, in many cases, only the sensor needs to be replaced. CARDONE's Accelerator Pedal Sensors are available as stand alone sensors, where applicable, and are 100% tested for linearity and correlation to ensure they are fully restored to O.E. function.

  • These products are guaranteed to fit and function like the original, at a fraction of the typical market price.
  • 100% computer testing of every unit for linearity and correlation validates that units are fully restored to O.E. function.
  • Sensor is offered separately where possible to save the cost of replacing the entire assembly.
  • Installation hardware is included for smooth installation.
Need Technical Help? Rebuild and Return Service for when fixing your original part is the only option
CARDONE Reman Accelerator Pedal Position Sensors
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