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EGR Cooler Gasket Kit

Better Than the Original EGR Coolers! Make CARDONE Your First Choice

CARDONE EGR Cooler Gasket Kits offer an all-in-one solution to replacing EGR Cooler Hardware by supplying all the components that are needed for installation, as these components are typically sold separately from OEM suppliers. By preventing air and coolant leaks, CARDONE’s EGR Cooler Gasket Kits ensure that your car stay on the road, day after day.

  • Each installation kit includes everything required (gaskets, O-rings, sealing washers, etc.) to install the part as denoted in the catalog, making the installation job easier and faster.
  • Stand-alone kit provides an economical option to fix leaks without replacing the EGR Cooler.
  • Upgraded O-rings, where applicable, eliminate original failure mode by providing superior protection against air and coolant leaks.
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