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Superchargers Available for the Most Popular Applications!

CARDONE Superchargers are direct bolt-on units. Each one is individually quality tested and inspected on all subcomponents levels, including compressor, pulley, and snout clearances. This ensures O.E. performance and reliability and allows seamless operation and improved engine efficiency throughout the power band.

  • All units come with the required gaskets and mounting hardware for easy installation
  • Each unit is 100% disassembled and thoroughly cleaned using proprietary processes and dedicated specialized equipment
  • 100% of rotating, journal, and thrust bearings and seals are replaced, and all mating surfaces/passages are renewed as required for a longer-lasting unit
  • 100% dynamic balancing of compressor wheels, turbine shaft/wheel assemblies and complete rotating assembly guarantees proper operation and extends unit life
  • All wheels, shafts and corresponding bores are measured and controlled with specific go/no-go tolerances and renewed or replaced as needed to ensure trouble-free operation
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