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Turbocharger Compressor Wheel

Stronger than OE; Resulting in Longer Life

The turbocharger compressor wheel plays an important role in delivering high-pressure air to the intake manifold, resulting in more power. Traditional compressor wheels are made from cast aluminum, which results in higher mass and lower fatigue life when compared to the lighter-weight, stronger Rotomaster Billet Compressor Wheel. These billet wheels are well suited for high-demand applications, including performance racing applications or high duty cycle applications, such as buses or delivery vehicles. CARDONE and Rotomaster Billet Compressor Wheels are designed to meet or exceed O.E. performance and fit seamlessly into O.E. covers. Built for strength and tested for endurance, our Billet Compressor Wheels provide peace of mind for severe-duty demands.

  • Product designed and manufactured to accommodate O.E. applications
  • Fits into O.E. cover, no modifications needed
  • Machined from forged billet for strength
  • Milled for consistent mass and consistent center of gravity
  • Stronger than OE cast aluminum wheels resulting in higher fatigue life
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