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Turbocharger Coolant & Oil Line Kit

Why Pay More? Get O.E. Performance at a Lower Price!

Turbocharger coolant and oil lines play an integral role in determining the longevity of a turbocharger. They carry the necessary fluids to lubricate and cool the turbocharger during normal operation, but if neglected, can lead to catastrophic failure of the unit. Over time, engine heat causes carbon deposits to build up within the lines, resulting in blockages that can starve the turbocharger. Coolant and oil lines should be replaced any time a turbocharger is removed or replaced. Our new coolant and oil lines are the result of years of research and process development aimed at producing the highest quality products in the aftermarket. Designed to meet or exceed O.E. performance, our lines are a direct fit, critical component to your turbocharger service.