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Turbocharger Exhaust Adapter

Less Restriction / Improved Exhaust

CARDONE and Rotomaster Remanufactured and New Exhaust Adapters are a great upgrade to the factory-installed adapters that come equipped with an exhaust back pressure valve (EBPV). The stock valves have a tendency to stick from soot build up or a faulty electrical signal and can cause exhaust obstructions. This raises the exhaust gas temperature and can also cause a loss of response from the turbocharger. CARDONE and Rotomaster Exhaust Adapters are a direct O.E. replacement that removes the factory EBPV and provides a smooth exit for the exhaust gases to pass through the turbine wheel, reducing restrictions and prolonging turbocharger life.

  • Direct O.E. replacement
  • Less restriction/ improved exhaust flow
  • Eliminates problematic exhaust back pressure valve
  • Prolongs turbocharger service life
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