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Power Liftgate Actuator

Reliable Performance at the Best Price

CARDONE Power Liftgate Motor Motors are the result of years of research and process development aimed at producing the highest quality products in the aftermarket. Reverse engineering provides insight into why a product fails and allows us to improve upon any original design flaws – often resulting in products that perform better than O.E. Computerized testing and on-car validation ensures that every unit meets fit, function and performance requirements.

  • Critical components are re-soldered to ensure superior electrical connections, eliminate intermittent failures and extend product life.
  • Worn out, missing or non-functioning components are replaced with new or rebuilt components.
  • Original design weaknesses are corrected to make a longer lasting part.
  • Units are computer tested, both as sub-assemblies and as complete units to ensure reliability.
Need Technical Help? Rebuild and Return Service for when fixing your original part is the only option