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Transfer Case Motor

Built Tough - Just Like Your Truck or SUV

Transfer Case Motors ensure trucks and SUV's can keep all 4 wheels safely turning through slippery mud, slush and snow. Be ready for anything nature throws at you with our 100% torque-tested CARDONE Transfer Case Motors, which offer superior performance, long product life and the most popular application coverage on the road.

CARDONE Reman Transfer Case Motors
  • Each unit is 100% computer tested at 3 points during the remanufacturing process for guaranteed performance.
  • Motor magnets are 100% recharged for superior performance and reliability.
  • Transfer case motor sensors are 100% replaced with new, O.E.-quality sensors for superior performance and long product life.
CARDONE New Transfer Case Motors
  • Load testing ensures torque power specification meets industry standards.
  • Designed to give the precise amount of power to the transmission for a smooth transition when changing from 2-wheel drive to 4-wheel drive.
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