Servant Leadership

“I believe the best way to lead is by being a servant to my people. If I serve them well, they’re going to serve my customers well.”

- Michael Cardone, Jr.

Leaders Who Serve Their People

Servant Leadership: Two words at the core of everything CARDONE is about.

We’re leaders—in environmental stewardship, in innovative design, in social responsibility, and, of course, in the remanufacturing industry. And that leadership is made possible only by radical servanthood: investing in our planet, empowering our employees, training our partners, and putting the customer’s needs above our own. At CARDONE, we feel called to be more than just another business—and that calling starts with servant leadership. 

“Our Servant Leadership model is the framework for the leadership behavior that influences our people at all levels in the business. I frequently talk to our leaders about it. And I strive to model it in all my dealings, with employees, customers, suppliers, and, most importantly, my family.”

- Michael Cardone, Jr.

Our employees are our most critical resource—and a valuable part of our family.  

Servant leadership is very different than traditional, top-down management. That sort of management is all about control. Being a servant leader, as we see in great exemplars throughout history, is about inspiring the people around you to be better. At CARDONE, we stress nine core pillars of servant leadership:

  • Appreciate and respect diversity
  • Tolerate mistakes
  • Support and respect the family institution
  • Develop successors
  • Listen to everyone
  • Openly communicate business information
  • Anticipate and respond to the needs of others
  • Model and encourage continuous improvement
  • Mentor and encourage personal development

Servant leadership sees problems as unique opportunities to help others, and it’s because of this worldview that CARDONE has been able to grow so successfully over the decades.