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Power Steering Filter

Protect Your Steering System From Contaminates

CARDONE Steering Filters are uniquely designed to protect the steering system from damaging contaminates, which impacts performance and leads to premature power steering pump failure. These compact filters are easy to install, provide magnetic filtration, can be serviced in-line and are highly recommended to extend the life of your steering system. Available in 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8" sizes to cover a most vehicle applications.

  • In-line filter with serviceable filter element
  • Patented built-in bypass that filters up to 190 micron particles
  • Designed to extend the life of the steering system
  • Sure-grip barb connections are included to ensure proper hose fitment
A CARDONE Power Steering filter could prevent steering issues
Prevent Steering Failure: Magna-PureĀ® In-Line Power Steering Filters