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CARDONE Backstage Pass: Tech Services

One of the biggest advantages we have here at CARDONE is our people. In no place is that more apparent than with our top notch, ASE-Certified Tech Services Team.

In this video get to know a bit about our them and how they not only get you the information you need, but walk you through your job to make sure your problem has vetted and solved to your satisfaction.

From DIYer to Master Technician, our Tech Serives Team is here for you. To get in touch with them, visit our Contact Us page or use the chat in the bottom right hand corner

CARDONE Ahead of the Curve on Aftermarket Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Demand

CARDONE Industries has expanded its remanufactured electronic power steering (EPS) product coverage to meet and exceed market demand as the transition from hydraulic power steering to EPS becomes the norm. “With the increase of EPS systems in new vehicles over the years, CARDONE has aligned with that demand and is poised to lead the aftermarket in this category” Said Mark Mooberry, Senior Director of Product Management

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We Build It Better

Since 1970, we here at CARDONE have been fixing what fails in the automotive industry. Our success has been fueled by our commitment to building better parts—and better partnerships. 

We’re more than just an auto parts manufacturer: we rethink and remanufacture parts to outperform OE standards for reliability. This not only means replacing what’s faulty, but analyzing every inch of the original part design and improving it to create a more reliable, cost-effective product. We not only benefit drivers with our better parts, but our less wasteful, more sustainable approach to innovation benefits the world around us too.

Our business partnerships are built on trust—trust that we will pioneer innovative products, deliver orders on time, provide unparalleled support, and always operate with integrity.

Reman = Sustainability

Since we opened our doors in 1970, we have operated our business from a position of environmental and social responsibility. That's why our remanufacturing processes emphasize the reduction of energy consumption and the use of raw materials by observing the three tenets of sustainability: Reuse, Recycle, and Refurbish. The Reman process uses only 15% of the energy and 15% of the raw material that is required to make a new part.

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