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3F: Fluid/Flush/Filter

Save Costly Steering Repairs


Use the right fluid quality

Not all power steering fluids are created equal. Be sure to use fluid that meets O.E. specifications for your vehicle.

Use the right fluid type

Some steering systems do not require power steering fluid; they require other O.E. specified fluid types. Also, note that cleaning the steering system with common shop chemicals can damage power steering seals.


Late-model steering systems are designed to be smaller, lighter and more efficient. The tighter tolerances of these systems allow smaller particles to cause contamination. Failure to properly flush the system can lead to binding, poor returnability, leaking, hard steering, intermittent assist and noise.

The photo below compares the different tolerances of an old- and new-style campac, an internal power steering pump component that is now affected by fluid contamination.


Filtration is essential for protecting the steering system from contamination. Find out more about Magna-PureĀ® Power Steering Pumps and Magna-PureĀ® In-Line Filters featuring patented by-pass filtration technology offered exclusively by CARDONE.