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Air Disc Brake Caliper - 1B-1010


Air Brake Disc Caliper
Click for more info Remanufactured products only require 15-20% of the total energy and material it takes to manufacture new parts while keeping usable cores out of landfills.

Product Description

CARDONE Heavy Duty Air Disc Brake Calipers are engineered and remanufactured to meet the high demands of fleet applications. Each unit is completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected and rebuilt with 90% brand new components to match O.E. performance. As an added benefit, every caliper is powder coated to extend product life and prevent rust formation.

  • As much as 90% new parts.
  • Outfitted with proprietary grease to prolong caliper life.
  • All new and renewed components are manufactured to O.E. performance standards.
  • End of line actuation test on internal clutch chain lever bridge bearings.
  • Guide pins and bushings tested for slide.
  • Components are torqued to O.E. specifications for proper long-term function.

Complete the Check It Fits tool and confirm all information in the Fitment Details section above to ensure you select the right part for your application.


What is a core?

A core is a used automotive part that is returned to the remanufacturer instead of being scrapped.

Why return cores?

Cores are literally at the “core” of the remanufacturing process, because they are the raw material used to start the remanufacturing process. That’s why remanufacturers buy cores back from customers, and they pay the most for good quality cores. If a core has too much damage in key areas, it may be unusable or require extra resources to process; therefore a reduced core payment may be awarded. This core policy explains potential deductions that may be taken from the core price if certain components are missing or damaged.

What is remanufacturing?

Remanufacturing is the process of taking used parts, completely disassembling and thoroughly cleaning them, replacing the worn components with original quality components, and restoring them to their original function. Every unit is 100% tested to ensure O.E. performance.

Why “reman”?

PRODUCTS - Reman captures used, durable goods like auto parts and puts them “back on the road” to new and sometimes better than new performance. Reman provides the opportunity for detection of common failure modes and incorporation of design improvements to prevent repeat failure.

ECONOMY - Reman products cost consumers about 40% less than new. Reman products are one of the few “green” products that actually costs less than their “non-green” counterparts.

ENVIRONMENTAL - Reman saves up to 86% of the energy required to build a new unit. Reman realizes Greenhouse Gas savings of up to 25 lbs. per unit over new. Reman saves up to 85% of the raw material required to produce a new unit by reusing existing products. Reman is even more sustainable than recycling, as product castings are preserved rather than melted down to raw material, saving energy and reducing emissions.

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Part Type:
Air Brake Disc Caliper
Product Condition:
Lifecycle Status:
Available to Order
Package Contents:
Caliper, Bushing Kit Installed, Carrier
Packaged Weight:
74.2000 lb
1 Year/Unlimited Mile
*A warranty must be returned to the parts supplier where the CARDONE product was purchased and is subject to that part store's terms & conditions. If the parts retailer offers a different warranty than the CARDONE warranty, the retailer’s policy will prevail.


Caliper Slides Included:
Caliper Type:
Air Disc
Casting Material:
Casting Number 1:
Grade Type:
Standard Replacement
Mounting Bracket Included:
Mounting Hole Diameter:
OE Manufacturer:
Pad Wear Sensor Included:
Pads Included:
Piston Material:
Piston Quantity: