CARDONE Repair & Return Service

Can't find the replacement part you need? Restoring a classic vehicle and need your original part fixed? Looking for a replacement part that you can't find anywhere? CARDONE's R&R Service is a great option for you!

Leveraging decades of experience as a premiere auto parts remanufacturer, CARDONE is pleased to offer custom repairs to order. CARDONE Repair and Return (R&R) Service is a valuable solution when the part you need is out of stock or not in the product catalog. It’s also a great option for classic vehicle enthusiasts who want to restore their original parts back to new condition.

If you are interested in this service, please work with a participating auto parts supplier to complete our R&R Form and send in your worn unit. CARDONE will rebuild it, then the repaired unit is shipped back to you.

Since we do not sell our products directly to consumers, the billing section of the R&R form must be filled out by a warehouse distributor (WD) or retail parts store. 

Choose your R&R form below:
R&R (Canada)