Statement of Disclosure


CARDONE Industries, Inc. (“CARDONE”) sources globally and applies sustainable principles, practices, and policies to all of its suppliers, including direct import vendors. CARDONE does not not knowingly deal with any business that is involved in the degradation of human life or working conditions.

CARDONE employs experienced supply chain personnel that source national and international vendors with an understanding of the laws and regulations of their respective locations.

CARDONE expects all product suppliers to understand and comply with all applicable legal requirements in their countries of origin. CARDONE does engage with vendors that provide products produced using forced labor and requires that all vendors comply with local labor laws.

CARDONE prohibits vendors from engaging in human slavery, human trafficking, and abuse of employees.

CARDONE has audits conducted to ensure that any supplier selected meets strict CARDONE standards and abides by their respective laws. CARDONE audits seek to uncover violations of CARDONE standards, including human trafficking or slave labor. Audits are performed before CARDONE engages in any business or issues a purchase order to a supplier.

CARDONE ensures that all suppliers, regardless of location, adhere to CARDONE’s strict supplier guidelines. Suppliers and potential suppliers are audited and scored based on capabilities, experience, working conditions, workforce, and ethics. CARDONE only engages suppliers receiving a satisfactory grade.

CARDONE does not require that its supply chain provide certification regarding compliance with anti-slavery/human trafficking laws. CARDONE does require that each supplier or potential supplier is following all applicable laws, including human rights related laws and regulations.

CARDONE holds all of its employees accountable through several company policies, including CARDONE’s Business Conduct Policy, Ethical Conduct Policy, and Supplier Requirement Manual.

CARDONE is evaluating the creation of enhanced training for its employees involved in Supply Chain departments.