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How Do Power Brake Boosters Work?

Learn about the fundamentals and variations of brake boosters which are being utilized to stop millions of vehicles on the road every day.

Brake Booster Functionality  

Ever wondered what role a Power Brake Booster plays in an automotive braking system?

  • Power brake boosters multiply the force exerted by the driver through the brake pedal to provide the necessary clamping power of the brake pads on the brake rotor.
  • The master cylinder is directly connected to the power brake booster. The multiplied force from the booster allows the master cylinder piston to be depressed with ease. Brake fluid is then directed to the brake calipers or wheel cylinders to complete the stop.
  • Modern, power-assisted brake systems stop faster, require less effort and are therefore safer than older manual brake systems.

Types of Brake Boosters

There are different types of power brake systems used in the automotive industry. The most common versions are:

  1. Vacuum Brake Boosters
  2. Hydraulic Brake Boosters
  3. Electro-Hydraulic Brake Boosters

Watch & Learn More

Join us as we take a deeper dive into the different types of brake boosters and how they function in this exclusive video from CARDONE.